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"I like that the HELP Program empowers the instructor by allowing the choice of utilizing the program to reinforce taught instruction, or teaching a complete lesson... The with monitoring and tracking...the student’s progress throughout the program. This interactive program is exciting, engaging, and entertaining enough to keep the students on task."
- Ruth Koznecki, Math Lab Instructor, Pennsylvania

"In this last year 82% of those students who were assigned a HELP class, in addition to their regular math class, made high growth (above the 66th percentile) on the State math test. 47% of the students grew at above the 90th percentile even though one of the HELP classes was taught by the woodshop teacher."
- Paul Freeman, Principal, Colorado

"I have absolutely loved it! I have been able to put 5 students on HELP Math that had very little or no schooling, and with the aid of a peer mentor they were able to make great strides and eventually rejoined the rest of the group. I also had 2 students on it that were very ADVANCED and they were working on algebra and geometry."
- Cheryl Bosma, Immersion, Ell and Regular Education Math Teacher, South Dakota

"I just purchased HELP Math awhile ago and it is already making a huge difference for my kids. After only a few days they were coming to me raving about how much they had learned in categories that had somehow slipped between the cracks earlier on…You can be sure if your child can complete this program that they are more than ready for the next level of education anywhere in the world!"
- Mrs. C. Taylor-Hikal, Parent

"The program allowed us to easily assess each student and customize a curriculum for them based on the assessment results. Additionally, students could work with the HELP Math program either in their regular classroom, the intervention lab, or at home …I have found that the students are more focused and engaged in HELP Math, mainly due to its use of the SIOP model and the linguistic support it offers."
- Melinda Hooper, Math Intervention Teacher, Texas

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