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Grades 3-8 | Math and Dual Language | Cloud-based

Proven Researched-based Math Intervention Program!

HELP Math's sheltered instruction is designed to improve students' understanding of the content, while simultaneously developing their English language proficiency using specific techniques:

  • Student Math ProgramIncreasing comprehensibility by scaffolding the learning, e.g. breaking down concepts into small, comprehensible "learning chunks"; synchronizing visuals, audio and interactivity to create a visual connection between words, symbols, and meaning.
  • Building background knowledge and prerequisite skills.
  • Targeting vocabulary development by emphasizing math content language as well as academic English; available to students as hyperlinked words within the instruction, and within an online dictionary of mathematical terms, including audio.
  • Providing bilingual support for custom curriculum and assessment. Teacher has the option of switching on/off.
  • Explicitly teaching problem-solving and test-taking skills, providing multiple opportunities for student responses and immediate corrective feedback when errors are made

Technical Requirements:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Operating systems:
    • Apple Mac – OSX 10.6 or higher;
    • PC – Windows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Hardware – Standard audio and graphics cards
  • Screen resolution – 1024 x 768
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash
  • Runs on most browsers

Purchasing Info:

HELP Math is web-based software that is licensed on an annual subscription basis and can be purchased on a per student or per building basis. We offer affordable licensing options for schools and district-wide use, giving your students and staff unlimited, password-protected access to the program. Subscription includes:

  • Web hosting providing anywhere, anytime access.
  • A set of portable passwords, which enables your students and staff to access the program anywhere, anytime, e.g. in the classroom, school lab, library, at home or wherever there is access to the internet.
  • Unlimited product support via e-mail and phone during school hours.
  • WebEx orientation training session for teachers to explain product navigation and functionality.
  • Teachers' Resource Guides including: interactive alignment tables to NCTM and state math standards, English language acquisition best practice ELL methodology for implementing the HELP program in a variety of settings.
  • Teacher Support Tools through the HELP Teacher Support & Administration system.

Sunburst can assist in determining the scope of the implementation and what configuration of licenses is optimal for you. To answer any questions, or for pricing and purchase information, please contact a Sunburst Digital Curriculum Advisor.

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